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Community Service


With Support and Information

The Lynn Rapid Response Network empowers and connects the immigrant community in the Lynn area. The resources we offer change regularly based on the donations we receive. Right now, we can offer the following support:

~ Connection to other immigrants in the Greater Lynn community.

~ Support and connection to community resources.

~ Emergency food coupons, as our limited funding allows.

If you are an immigrant living in Lynn or the Greater Lynn area who would like to join the Lynn Rapid Response Network, please start by attending our next virtual meeting. There, you will learn more about our community and get updates on local immigrant-friendly resources. At the end of the meeting, you will have a chance to connect with our secure messaging system in order to communicate directly with a volunteer to discuss your specific needs. Information about upcoming meetings, as well as other information you may find useful, is posted to our Facebook page, linked here.

Please note that while meetings are open to anyone, they are conducted in Spanish. Meetings take place every other week on Wednesdays at 6PM.


When opened, our resource map provides information surrounding local community resources that offer support with food, education, housing and other related needs.  Click the right hand corner of the map below to make it bigger and learn what's near you!


Our Community Resource Google Drive has flyers of additional community resources in the area.  Click the folders below to see what else is available in Lynn!

Are you concerned accessing resources will affect your migratory status?

Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF) coalition is dedicated to providing community-facing materials on public charge to better equip immigrants with what they need to make the best decision for themselves and for their families.   Know your Rights Information available in multiple languages.

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